top 10 hottest toys sold at b2 outlet stores 2022
Here are our top 10 hottest and most sought after toys for this holiday season!

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All of these amazing brands can be found at your local B2 Outlet Store. Stock up now while toys are 25% off Oct 16th-22nd 2022. *Items may differ per store.

1. Vtech- Your toddler or baby will enjoy these toys that are sensory and interactive.

vtech baby and kids toys

2. PJMASKS- Your toddler girl or boy will enjoy Geko, Owlette, and Cat Boy!

Pj Mask toys at b2 outlet stores

3. Mini BRANDS- Mini Brands are, yes, just what the names says! These are fun filled surprise balls with your favorite brands inside! 

mini brands at b2 outlet stores

4. Baby Alive- Your kids will love to take care of these babies, they can talk, move and some even grow! 

Baby Alive dolls sold at B2 Outlet Stores

5. Barbie- Barbie is always a popular toy every year, and now there is a line called “you can be anything” how exciting that Barbie can be a paraplegic skier or a snowboarder and more! 

Barbie sold at b2 outlet stores

6. Our Generation- We love this brand all the accessories that come with them! They can make pizza or become a dog groomer! 

Our generation sold at b2 Outlet Stores

7. STAR WARS- Star wars is always a classic and is coming back in full force with the mandalorian series! Grogu is one of the most popular charchers and is sold at B2!

star wars sold at b2 outlet stores

8. Pokemon- It’s back folks! Pokemon has made a comeback and now has more than just the trading cards! 

Pokemon sold at B2 Outlet Stores

9. SPLAT R BALL- This is one of the newest trending toy for teenage boys! 

Splat R ball sold at b2 outlet stores

10. Drones- Drones are fun for everyone on your holiday list this year! 

drones sold at b2 outlet stores

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