During your interview, you will be asked to complete two excel tests and show your ability to communicate with customers via email. The tests will be exactly the same as the below practice tutorials. Below you can see that you will be tested on a pivot table, your ability to find and replace, sorting, and a VLOOKUP. Please use the excel sheet along with the video tutorial to learn these skills and practice for your test. You will also be given a short scenario to show your ability to respond to customers via email. This position of your test will be done within a Microsoft Word document, so you will have spell check provided to you. Please be prepared to take your tests when you arrive for your interview.  Note: If you do not have Microsoft Excel, please see the link below. Please be aware that this free trial will require you to enter in a card number. Be sure to cancel the trail! You would be charged for Microsoft Office after the trail period ends. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/try

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