gifts under $20 and $50 at b2 Outlet Stores
Let B2 help you create the perfect gifts for under $20 and $50.

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Do you need to create a gift for under $20 this year? This may be a challenge with prices going up everywhere, but B2 Outlet Stores has you covered! Here are a few items we loved for under $20.

  • Bamboo Melamine Serveware Set 12pcs- $12.99
  • Puzzles and Games starting at just- $7.99
  • Cozy Plaid Throw- $12.99
  • Shimmer Water Bottle- $7.99
  • Gloria Vanderbilt Black Purse- $13.99
  • A New Day Light Blue Drawstring Purse- $12.99

Christmas gift for under $20. 2022. At B2 Outlet Stores

We love these under $50 gifts too!

  • Halo Covenant Needler- $49.99
  • Neoprene Dumbbell Set With Stand- $29.99
  • UV Phone Sanitizer- $29.99
  • Threshold Throw- $29.99
  • OtterBox Folding Wireless Charging Stand- $29.99
  • Adidas Soccer Ball- $29.99


Christmas gift for under $50. 2022. At B2 Outlet Stores

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