1. Where do you get your products from/ How do you get your product?

The products we sell come from many different big box stores that are liquidating excess, overstock, and seasonal merchandise. We are blessed to receive quality product at a rate that gives us the ability to pass along savings to our customers.

2. What does B2 stand for?

B2 stands for Benefit Twice. When B2 Outlet Stores first launched in 2014, it was originally called Benefit Twice Outlet Stores. As the name indicates, you, as the customer benefit from a great product at a discounted price, but likewise your community benefits as we invest the majority of our profits into various youth initiatives. However, as to stand apart from second-hand stores, we felt the discernment to change our brand to B2 Outlet Stores.

3. Are you a non-profit?

We are an L.3.C. company meaning that we function as a Limited Liability Company with a charitable purpose.

4. What is your store return policy?

Please see our return policy by clicking here.

5. How can I get my church or organization on board?

Non-profits, church groups and various organizations can apply for our Shop2Give program. Our Shop2Give program is designed to help non-profit organizations fund their mission trips, program/leadership development, and more! To learn more on how Shop2Give could benefit you and how to apply, please click here

6. How do you donate?/ How much do you donate back?

The majority of our profits are invested back in community initiatives. The remaining profits provide the means for us to expand our services. Donations primarily occur through six different programs outlined to support churches and youth organizations. All donations must in some way benefit youth through empowerment, leadership development, or missional related initiatives. Visit our website for more information on these programs.

7. Is this a second-hand shop/ Do you take consignments?

No. All items in our stores are brand new with tags. We don’t accept any consignments in our stores. We do, however, accept a limit number of consignments in our auction if such consignments fit within our criteria. Please see auction guidelines for more information.

8. Can anyone get involved with donations or the company?

Yes, for the most part. B2 Outlet Stores functions on faith based values, however your organization does not need to be faith based. All beneficiaries of our company must however invest in their people in ways that assist their development and strengthen their sense of identity and purpose.

9. What is Bid-2-Benefit-Youth/ What does it mean?

Bid-2-Benefit-Youth is the parent auction company representing all our initiatives. We began as a small auction company with a goal of investing profits back into youth initiatives. Today, we are far beyond those small beginnings, however we remain true to our founding purpose, that everything we do in some way benefits youth.

10. What is your cause you are supporting?

Our mission is to restore hope, inspire vision, and empower change. Although we don’t just support one cause, our overarching goal is to help people discover their sense of identity, purpose and mission here on this earth. Any organization or cause that identifies and aligns with this purpose will likely be a cause that we support.

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