B2 Outlet Stores announces exciting concept: B2 Bargain Bins.

New discount store with insane deals!
The treasure hunt experience of B2 is about to get even better through this exciting and innovative retail experience where discount prices fall on inventory each day of the week.

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If you are like most of our shoppers, it can definitely feel like you are searching for the perfect piece of treasure when browsing our low-price inventory in our stores. But what if I told you that the treasure hunt experience was about to get even better?  


Beginning in November, B2 Outlet Stores will be opening its first B2 Bargain Bins location in Hudsonville, Michigan. Housed in the former home of the B2 Furniture and Appliance Center, this exciting new retail experience will offer the chance for customers to find their perfect ‘gem’ of an item at incredibly low discount prices all week long.  


The bin store concept is believed to be one of the first of its kind in West Michigan. Items found in the bins will vary between home décor, bedding, toys, small electronics, wall art, cookware, silverware sets, and much more. If I am being honest – I am extremely confident you are going to find something you love if you dig deep and stay patient.  


However, you might be wondering – what makes this treasure hunt experience even more special? Simply put: prices on EVERYTHING in the store and in the bins will fall each day of the week (Tuesday-Saturday). Beginning on Tuesday of each week, all of the inventory will be $10. Then on Wednesday, everything becomes $7. Thursdays, everything will be $4 and Fridays, 10AM-2PM $2, 2PM-5PM $1, 5PM-7PM 50¢.


To be candid, however, I would not wait until Saturdays to stop in. I have seen these bins firsthand. There are items in these bins that would retail at other retailers for well over $20. I saw everything from action figure toys and other small toys to home décor, clocks and pillows to air fryers, and pretty much everything in between. Did I forget to mention that these products could be yours for just $10?.... or 50¢ if you happen to be really lucky. 


And with all things B2 related – it is very much still mission based. Through a new missional partnership, we are walking alongside the new Grant Me Hope Thrift store located next door at the former B2 Outlet Store of Hudsonville (5800 Balsam Dr.). A portion of proceeds will go to support their mission and ministry – please learn more about Grant Me Hope here.  They are doing important work.   


B2 Bargain Bins will open on Tuesday, November 2nd at 10AM at 5790 Balsam Dr, Hudsonville, MI 49426. Ten early entry passes are currently up for grabs via a giveaway on the B2 Bargain Bins Facebook page. There are also no returns or discounts available at B2 Bargain Bins, unless it is an official B2 Bargain Bins offer or promotion.  The store will be closed on Sunday and Monday of each week to restock and reset the bins. Our hours of operation will be Tuesday-Thursday from 10AM-6PM and Friday from 10AM-7PM. The store will be closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to restock

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