B2 Bargain Bins of Middleville – Coming August 9th 2022! 

B2 Bargain Bins, great deals, $7.00 or less
The treasure hunt experience in Middleville is about to get even better through this exciting and innovative retail experience where discount prices fall on inventory each day of the week.

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What is B2 Bargain Bins?

B2 Bargain Bins are extensions of your favorite B2 Outlet Stores. But with a fun twist, everything is $10 or LESS! We will have about 80 large bins filled with thousands of amazing items at our new location coming to Middleville! 

What kind of products can you find there?

You can find a variety of different items, home décor, bedding, curtains, organizational items, baskets, candles, lamps, artwork, puzzles, games, toys, dog toys, shoes, clothing, cleaning products, health and beauty items, curling irons, tools and even some non-perishable food.

Is everything really $10 or LESS!?

Yes, you heard us right, everything will start at $10 on Tuesday, $7 on Wednesday, $4 on Thursday, 10am-2pm $2, 2pm-5pm $1, 5pm-7pm 50¢ on Friday! We will then close on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to restock the bins with lots of great new items each week!

Where will your new location be, and what are the hours?

Our new location will be opening August 9th at 4660 M-37, Middleville, MI 49333 we will be located next to Harding’s Market. Follow us on our Facebook page for all the latest updates! The hours will be Tuesday-Thursday 10am-6pm, Friday 10am-7pm, and closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday to restock our bins.

Will there be giveaways?

Yes! Do you want to be able to shop the products before anyone else?! By entering our pre-shopping giveaway on Facebook you can have a chance to shop 1 hour before we open, this will give you the best opportunity for the greatest deals! Also, if you are one of the first 500 customers to checkout and you will receive a $5 B2 Outlet Stores voucher, this will only be valid at our Hastings location. We will also be hiding a $100 gift card to B2 Outlet Stores gift card in our bins every day for our grand opening week! Be sure to get there early to get all of the perks! And remember to follow us on Facebook for all the details!

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